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The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business Vol.2 No.1 pp.23-28

On the Establishment of a New Spiritual and Technological Cluster 《Turkestan Valley》 for Kazakhstan Society

Sabden Orazaly*
Professor, Academician of the NIA RK, Head of the Center of Industrialization, Competitiveness and Business, Institute of Economy, Republic of Kazakhstan
December 7, 2014 February 5, 2015 February 19, 2015


Today, in the course of globalization and crisis, the world needs the new ideas, new variants and ways of development of civilizations. Due to this, the author has developed and in-troduced own research (know-how) without world`s analogue. The main purpose of this research is to transfer Turkestan in the spiritual center (mega polis) of the international level. For the first time in history, as an example of one region, two large cardinal problems had been connected, i.e. on the one hand spiritual and cultural development of the society, on the other hand new 6th technological way to show to the world oppor-tunity of Kazakhstan new model of spiritual-innovative development. After realization of this research the status of Kazakhstan will strengthen at international level. This workout is devoted to all people, especially to the youth - as future of our country.

JEL Classification Codes: F21, F63, Z12, F15, O19.


 1. Introduction

 In what direction the world countries are developing, in what is their development? Today in the world there are grandiose changes –world crisis, a global drowning, food shortage, hunger and other this sort of cataclysms lead to difficult political changes. The similar changes which have captured the whole  world, force influential forces of society and those who is at a power wheel, beforehand to predetermine mistrust of the people in the future and to look for new ways of recovery from the cri-sis (Orazaly, 2013b).

 Starting the world crises from 2008 and second wave of world crisis seriously aggravated a situation in economy of the USA and the countries of Europe (Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc.). Financial difficulties become the reasons of aggravation of social problems; nevertheless, it doesn’t stop the world competi-tion, and on the contrary strengthens even more. Along with it, such natural  cataclysms as the climate drowning which  con-sequence were floods, the drought, and also the numerous epi-demic diseases extending worldwide, too strengthened concern of mankind (Kaku, 2012). And in such situation in many states emergencies of flashes of aggression take place. Not the ex-ception is our Kazakhstan. The social problems which have col-lected for much years, spiritual degradation, universal corruption, idleness of local authorities, their devil-may-care attitude to needs of simple people became the catalyst of the excesses which have occurred there (Orazaly, 2014).

 The bribery became a scourge of our society. The problem of the large-scale corruption, being characterized by variety and high organization of its forms, for the present isn’t solved and attempts of fighting against it didn’t bring notable results. Also the religious situation in Kazakhstan is essentially changed, the number of religious associations of various sense (the number of heterodox associations in 2011 exceeded 4,500) steadily grows.  Subversive activities of such religious trends are di-rected on dissonance and opposition in society, not only con-sciousness of youth, but also people of the senior generation as well. That fact is sharply felt that the state ideology works not at full capacity, not at the proper level. In order that the state ideology earned, it is necessary to choose correctly ideology of statehood, to strengthen it and to put into practice.

 Today many states, without having accurate state ideology, lost the social orientation and followed a way of thoughtless loan of the western samples. However it is necessary to consid-er that the western ideology is focused, first of all, on con-sumption, enrichment of separate population segments. Therefore it quickly extended the feelers, it as a virus infection (as AIDS) captured «the weakened organism», having finally un-dermined immunity of the nations and people of the world. And our Kazakhstan didn’t become an exception and was submitted to negative influence of defects of the West. So, in the spiritual (mental) sphere (the cinema, theater, literature, and music) is imposed to Kazakhstan citizens by all mass media the western ideology in its worst manifestations (the sermon of violence, de-bauchery, self-interest, a careerism, consumerism etc.). The reli-gion practically doesn’t protect the population from moral decom-position and crime, doesn’t bear with itself any original spiritual revival and a national unification, creating only imitation of it. All the mentioned take influence to national security, there is soci-ety decomposition. We see it in various points, focal regions of the world. Unequivocally, in our country there were social "diseases" of the advanced countries concerning which they al-ready stored experience of counteraction and to which we should develop own national "immunity". Therefore it is important to develop the correct state ideology directed on preservation of moral, cultural values, traditions.

 In a today’s difficult situation for Kazakhstan, along with pres-ervation of the independence and a place in the world commun-ity is to strengthen positions. In the east we border with China (population about 1,5 billion people), in the north we border with Russia (50 million people), in the south with India (about 1,2 billion). Influence of the USA in the world is also great. Lawfully there is a question, instead of whether we will be absorbed? In order to keep independence, independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan among such strong powers it is necessary to ad-here to multi vector policy of the Head of state which effective-ness gradually proves time (Mansurov, 2014). Integration into the world community was recognized as a right way. Originally association and cooperation of the regional states is the most effective measure for us. Development of large research and their stage-by- stage realization is especially important task for increasing welfare of the population and development of Kazakhstan. Researches of territorial development would raise possibilities of whole region, strengthened the center and strengthened bases of our state. Economic development of the state is in direct dependence on development of its regions.

 In this regard, answering a question in what is the reason of difficulties caused by crisis, I came to the following conclusions. Process of globalization promoted prosperity of not liberal sys-tem, directed on enrichment of the multinational companies, and at the beginning of 21 century confused all mankind in a crisis web. Million people in the world live in penury, suffer of hunger and deprivations. All advanced industrial countries of the world (G20, G8) were unanimous in the strategic development enrich-ment with purpose of getting rich. In recent years because of excessive issue of US dollars, volume of monetary weight in the world exceeded volume of the made goods at 10-12 times. Under economic laws it is doubtless that such violation of bal-ance will lead to crisis. In many rich countries of the world even new technological achievements of science were used for the sake of increase in own capital and for the sake of the unique purpose – enrichments.

 In such difficult situation, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, European Union and the World Development Banks, the European Union and other international financial and public organizations showed the helplessness. At the same time industrial technical and technological crisis, III - IV - V-techno-logical ways (TW), settled itself. New VI TW is required, for-mation and growth of that will define global economic develop-ment of the world in the next decades.

 The most sad, paying attention to other problems, we at the same time forget about a society humanization, about need of coexistence under nature laws. At the same time society always should consider a natural basis of the development – the nature. However it is available that fact that to the natural and human capital it is not given paramount value, cultural wealth is forgotten. Therefore the law of harmonious development of soci-ety is broken, «the invisible hand of the market» served its pur-pose and the rich states became hostages of world crisis. During crisis the life dictates need of state regulation of economy.

 Restoration of harmonious development of society and the nature in 21 century is possible by elimination of large short-comings - instead of production and development of not infinite raw material resources, minerals it is necessary to develop the new vision, new ideas, new researches of development which should become a measure, being urgent. Is vital to follow laws of historical development, in this regard the problem of spiritual and cultural development of society should become a problem of paramount importance.

 On a question what should be a new form of society in the XXI century, as the answer I consider expedient to consider two factors. First, usage of logic for world-wide and historical devel-opment, and also the primordial national history, spiritual cultural values of each country and region. Secondly, new requirements of the XXI century. It is transition to post-industrial humanistic noosphere civilization. Its’ first stage is development of new technological way acts. It is necessary to keep up to date ac-tively to invest in innovative technology and in scientific and re-search works (Orazaly, 2013a).

 Considering the foregoing, I put forward the following idea: «Having coordinated together spiritual and cultural development with new, following industrial development, the 6th technological way, to put them into practice as uniform process which will give the chance to carry out transition to laws of harmonious development of society and a sustainable development. Ripened need is to depart from industrial society and to pass to human-istic noosphere to an integrated post-industrial stage». The his-tory of new century isn’t written yet, however it is necessary to understand that fact that the future new knowledge, scientific, in-formation and technological changes, social and public trans-formation strongly and will quickly change the world. It is neces-sary to recognize that sometimes society doesn't manage to master and go in step with those novelties which promotes sci-entific and technical progress. Therefore I represent to your at-tention a new research 《Turkestan valley – a spiritual and tech-nological cluster》. 


 2. Main Part

 This research consists of 2 main directions.

 First direction. By means of spiritual and cultural revival to turn Turkestan into the spiritual center. Now transport and economic revival of the Great Silk way is carried out, the Great transcontinental railroad is urged to connect European countries to the countries of the Far East. In 2009 highway construction the Western China - the Western Europe, through Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation is begun. The cross-border research as a whole repeats the main direction of the Great Silk way. In 2015 the road has to be completely finished. It is possible to consider with good reason that to the beginning of process of globalization the Great Silk way is peculiar INTERNET of an an-tiquity and Middle Ages: fastest way of distribution and ex-change of information. This and WTO start –the World Trade Organization. Already then, in Middle Ages, international mer-chant organizations agreed about goods prices and about duties on them, concluding trade transactions within the conventional rules. The role of the Silk way unique in the history of the peo-ple of Eurasia is defined and recognized. It is important that its principal value as dialogue of cultures develops and now, unit-ing economy and communication of the states of Eurasia. The interest, caused these the research, led to consideration of pos-sibility of introduction of all or part of the Silk way to the List of whole world heritage.

 If to look at the world map, in the territory of Kazakhstan it is possible to see two ancient cities is Turkestan and Taraz. Historical data testify that in the VI-VIII centuries in this territory was educated Turkic kaganat, here lived the Turkic people. Ancient Turkestan which has become the spiritual center, took a special place in the history of Turkic kaganat. Later under the in-fluence of historical processes Turkic kaganat was broken up, and the Turkic people were divided and dispersed on different corners, having formed the states. So, for example, Turks moved in Anadoliya, having formed the "Ottoman Empire", owing to the revolution organized by Kemal Ataturk, they became the separate state. Today Turkey with the population of 75 million people is in number of the developed states of the world and G20. 

 According to my forecasts Turkey will go big future. If it de-velops a democratic way, staking on human capital, on new knowledge, science, technologies, with such spiritual and con-joint people will probably take the most leading positions in Europe or even in the world. Among the Muslim countries Turkey will be in first places by 2030. But in spite of the fact that many Turkic people created the states, they and continue to consider to this day Turkestan as the spiritual capital, calling it 《Earth of fathers》 (Atazhurt) and the second Mecca. Crowds of pilgrims are flown down to this city from all over the world to touch relics of the Holy Land, a monastery of their fathers (Baipakov, 2013).

 Our purpose is to turn Turkestan into the spiritual capital, in the center of culture, science and religion and to develop it in accordance with requirements of 21 century’s idea - Eurasian integration. What work needs to be done for this purpose? It is necessary to realize below-mentioned, being urgent, actions:

 1) To pass in Parliament the new Law 《New Turkestan – the spiritual capital》

 2) To give vicinities of New Turkestan the status of 《a bond-ed economic area》 and to pass the law;

 3) To release the territory of Turkestan, including Kentau city, from taxes for a period of 5 years, to include releasing subjects of small business who are engaged in production and trade in this territory, from all types of taxes;

 In Turkestan the International Kazakh-Turkish university by H.A.Yassavi is functioning, and along with it, it is necessary to create at the top level 《The international academy of religion》 (world religions), 《Culture Academy》 and «Historical Museum treasury》. With a view of a humanization of society new Scientific center will be organized and the moral code of XXI century is to be adopted. Considering the importance of the cre-ated new territory, to give to Turkestan the status of the spiritu-al capital, having transformed it to the center of education of patriotism, civilization and to the second Mecca - a symbol of unity of a spiritual, cultural, religious heritage not only in Kazakhstan, but also all Turkic world. In the strategic future to aim at intellectual leadership. These actions demand carrying out scientific, cultural and ideological works;

 Between the cities of Turkestan and Kentau it is necessary to construct town of New spiritual capital, in architecture of this town it is necessary to consider ancient east Turkic colors of ornaments, the national motives inherent in this region Astana is the model of the capital of a new modernist style of 21 century, but Turkestan should become the spiritual capital of ancient cul-tural and historical sample and the basic center Muscat of the Muslim people. In the spiritual capital it is necessary to form 《The international fund of Turkestan》. To publish the Turan edi-tions, 《New Turkestan – the spiritual capital》, 《A spiritual and technological cluster》, 《Image of Kazakhstan》 and to create documentary and feature films; For construction of New Spiritual Turkestan it is necessary to involve to 《Earth of Fathers》 (Atazhurt) the people of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan, etc. There is a hope, as all Islamic world won’t stand aside and will offer a helping hand in a noble cause. They will like spirit of that time, that historical era in which their forefathers lived in this territory and will recre-ate historical monuments of the ancient culture, will construct the modern high-rise buildings reflecting them national colors. The people who have visited Turkestan should experience and see a print of the history in reflection of mausoleums, monu-ments, buildings and constructions.

 When I stated an essence of the research, my colleagues from the Turkic-speaking countries said that can assist in a re-rising of ancient city - Turkestan. In accordance with men-tioned, it is possible to construct pantheons and build monu-ments to great historic figures, state and public figures the Turkic-speaking countries: Tomiris, Atilla, Er tonba, Tonyyu cook, to Arystanbab, Al - Farabi, Zhusip Balasagun, Manas, Nizami Gyanzhavi, Hodga Ahmet Yasaui, Kashgaria Makhmut, Beybarys Sultan, Emir Temir, Ulykbek, to Alisher Nauayy, Muhammad Haidar Dulati, Korkyt, Abylay khan, Maktymgula, Abay Kunanbayev, Ataturk, Bektash Veli, Shokan Ualikhanov, Gabdolla Tokai, Mukhtar Auezov, Shyngys Aitmatov, Birdie Kerbabayev and to many others.

 To Show logic of world-wide and historical development. For example, parts of modern Kazakhstan –the center of Eurasian continent - in the ancient time entered into the various states and khanates (Turkic kaganat, the oguzsky state, the kar-akhanidsky khanate, etc.) and were occupied by tribes of a dif-ferent origin (saks, Huns, kangly, yisunsetc.). It is necessary to reflect a civilization of these eras in Turkestan.

 This unstable century of globalization such idea of society’s humanization becomes a factor of unification of the people and the states. After implementation of above-mentioned actions by revival and use of centuries-old historical values before us am-ple opportunities of global changes in spiritual and cultural de-velopment of the person will open. It will be a big step not to soil honor of society, not to become hostages of degradation. The thinking of the person will change according to require-ments of a new civilized society of 21 century.

 Second direction. Second direction is creation of vary devel-opment clusters. Undoubtedly, in 21 century, in the course of the globalization, tested on itself consequences of world crises, Kazakhstan should take a new way of development. To us as to the small people, the new technologies, new knowledge and innovative ways of development are necessary. Kazakhstan should leave on a trajectory of the accelerated development. I believe that it is possible under condition of formation of the 6th technological way, meaning development of biotechnology, a nano-technology, genetic engineering, electronic and information communication, technology of space exploration, etc. In the sec-ond direction realization of the following actions is necessary:

 1) Considering trend of new time, using human and pro-duction capacities of the city of Kentau, it is necessary to modernize capacities of Kentausky excavator and trans-former plants, JSC Achisaypolimetall and other capacities.

 2) To construct new plants of the 6th technological way. To prepare hi-tech staff of the new direction. To open park of the denuclearized world "Baikonur Semey".

 3) It is necessary to construct the transport and logistic cen-ter 《Silk way》 (Zhibek-Zhola), small innovative  business center, a technopolis, technological college and other infrastructure. In other words, it is necessary to create a new technological cluster. In this case, on the one hand, having constructed in Turkestan the spiritual center, on the other hand, having created in Kentau bases of new 6th technological way, we will create absolutely new system spiritual and technological cluster for our country.

 4) Throughout all Great Silk way it is necessary to create and develop a tourism cluster. On the one hand, it would give the chance to realize the development program for mono cities.

 5) Cluster creation the "Aul" of a new sample is dictated by time. This cluster will give the exact answer what should be the Kazakh Aul of 21 century and reflect its characteristics. Developing an Aul, we will promote devel-opment of all country. Formation 《a cluster the Aul》 will cause creation of new work places, will stop leakage of youth to the cities and will solve a problem of country’s demography. It is sure that this research will be an em-bodiment of centuries-old dream of our great-grandfathers, especially will affect natural process of fast demographic take-off and as this problem became priority, it is neces-sary to give particular attention to it. Without having in-creased number of our people, we won’t become the rich strong state.

 6) As this idea is the Eurasian research, it is necessary to strengthen its geopolitical value by attraction of  China, Russia, Turkey and other countries. Attraction of invest-ments of these states in space exploration (Baikonur), in tourism and logistic holding 《Great Silk Way》, in con-struction of plants of new technological way, use of ura-nium and other resources in the peace purposes really would strengthen positions of Kazakhstan.

3. Additional Justification

 At the heart of such large ideas for the first time in the world on the basis of two cities - Turkestan and Kentau - will be formed a new spiritual and technological cluster. 21 century be-comes a century of pioneer introduction of a new model of spi-ritual, cultural and technological development of society on an example of one region. Here, on the one hand, spiritual and cultural branches, and, on the other hand, components of new 6th technological way, will work for a society humanization. Only spiritual and technological constructivism will give chance to solve consumer possibilities of society optimum. Research’s im-plementation of not having analogs in the world, for the first time at the international level, on an example of the presented one region, will solve a problem of development of society in the future that will allow to implant new model of a human-ization of society. This is beginning on new stage in forming of culturological way.

 The purpose is to turn Turkestan in the spiritual center (megalopolis) of the international level. At the same time, firstly in history, on an example of one region, having united spiritual and cultural and new technological, innovative development of society, we are to show to the world of possibility of new model of development. In this regard it is necessary to hold the inter-national scientific and practical conference and research pre-sentation at world level. Till today in world practice these prob-lems weren’t solved yet in such system form (Orazaly, 2014). Round Big Turkestan there are many countries of Central Asia (about 400 million people can be involved in this idea). Errors of former achievements of technological explosion consisted in a technokratizm, the humanistic purposes and problems of society were not taken into account because of absence of spiritual and technological constructivism.

 Difference of this research from USA "Silicon Valley" is in di-rected on the mankind benefit, i.e. on solution of problems of spiritual and cultural development, and revival according to re-quirements of new time together with new innovative technologies. On huge territory position of Turkestan as region in the center of Asian continent transfer it into the center of movement of people, distributions of religions and ideas, cul-tures and arts, strengthened original unity of this region. The edition of UNESCO included quintessence of long-term re-searches by archeologists, orientalists, philosophers, culturolo-gists and became bright confirmation of capacity of the region which has carried by in centuries the originality present partic-ipation of its modern civilization.

 Within this research for the first time in the center of Eurasia, on an extent of «Great Silk way»the New Turkestani spiritual and technological valley, otherwise, will be formed the new mega polis of development will be created. If to consider human capacity of this region, in the Turkestan and its vicinities will live about 300 thousand people, and in the city of Kentau about 150 thousand people will be based. In the future between the cities of Turkestan and Kentau in the new spiritual capital will live more than 100 thousand people. In addition to it, it is direct in the southern regions, in the cities - Shymkent, Taraz, Kyzylorda, Almaty lives more than 7,9 million people. It is the most densely populated region in which the most part of the ethnic Kazakh population is concentrated. Influence of such huge human potential (in aggregate with all population of Kazakhstan) on formation and development of the spiritual and cultural capital will be essential.

 As it was already noted above, the region is located at sour-ces of the Great Silk way. The founded archaeological opening, such as Otrar listed by UNESCO, Hodzhi Ahmed Yasavi’s mau-soleum, seldom pictographs, burial of the ancient saks Gold person (Esik), Aksu- Dzhabagla’s reserve and other archeo-logical excavations, monuments, mausoleums - the certificates of the ancient civilization which have become a brand of our coun-try for foreign tourists, draw attention of world community as a cradle of culture of this region (Baipakov, 2013).Therefore crea-tion of a cluster of the International tourism in the spiritual, cul-tural capital becomes a measure which is meeting the require-ments of our time.

4. Conclusion

 In the conclusion it would be desirable to note that realization of the international and national research 《Transformation of Turkestan into the spiritual capital》 will allow not only to in-crease prestige of the Kazakh people, but also becomes the center of a civilization of all Muslim states, the people and the nationalities, all Islamic world. Today the research should be-come a motive power uniting all. It will be a new civilizational call to the whole world, especially rich countries! The religion to-gether with other religions will call Islam not for dissonance, not to terrorism (as infinitely propagandize the western mass media), and to unity, making positive impact on spiritual and safe devel-opment of mankind. In other words, it is some kind of fearless step to spiritual revolution in consciousness of mankind. This idea becomes regional model of new spiritual and technological development of a world order and the international security.After implementation of the new research, the district 《New Turkestan》 it should be legally given the status of administrative area. At the international level «new Turkestan»becomes the century spiritual center uniting the West and the East which will promote integration, involving potential possibilities of the Great Silk way. New Turkestan, having left a zone of influence of one state, will turn into the Eurasian integration center – a place of the center of cultural wealth of a set of the countries. At the expense of it the unity of society and the people as a whole will increase, the scheme of a sustainable development of Kazakhstan will be created. As soon as this regional research will yield the results, its universal use, as the Turkestani spiritual range, becomes the agenda for ideal development of the world. Turkestan as the spiritual capital, probably, will develop under the aegis of the United Nations and with assistance of UNESCO, with creation in its territory of these representations and other international organizations and institutes.

 Having potential possibilities to become the strong nuclear power thanks to rich deposits of uranium and Baikonur space-port existence, Kazakhstan at the same time aspires to nuclear safety and calls other countries for peaceful co-existence. Our denuclearized state is the largest country in the region of Central Asia and plays an appreciable role in providing both state, and regional security. Thus Kazakhstan makes a certain contribution to world-wide and historical development of a uni-versal civilization.

 Anticipated sources of resources:

 1. The state, republican, local budgets within the law, use of means of the RK National fund.

 2. With a view of revival and transformation of a cradle of the Turkic world of Turkestan into the spiritual capital to create 《The international fund》.

 3. Attraction of foreign investments into innovative, new tech-nological researches.

 4. Rendering by the Turkic countries of support revived on lands of their fathers (Atazhurt) to the Spiritual capital. There is a hope, as the Islamic countries will participate in it. The new Spiritual capital will gain absolutely new lines, distinct from the former.

 5. Each area should bring the contribution in this idea. To create a pantheon of celebrated personalities of the Kazakh history, a fight panorama for national in-dependence and great battles, courage manifestations on historical hills of our distressful earth.

 6. For financing of the research will be obtained funds of physical and legal entities. Asar and other actions will be organized.

 This idea realization the Spiritual and technological Cluster 《the Turkestani Valley》 is to be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Government and the International fund up to end and to put under Parliament control. For maintenance of the international image this research should be directly under patronage of the president of Republic of Kazakhstan. Special value of the re-search is that coordination of spiritual and cultural and scientific and technological structures in uniform process and manage-ment of its results will allow us to provide effective use of the most valuable potential - human. As such unanimous decision the mega polis research becomes a push for the whole world. Today in the world still there is no such, focused on civilized development, a spiritual and technological center, that is:

 1) Ancient Turkestan becomes the humanized spiritual center of new society. By means of revival of cultural wealth of nationalities of many states we will start to develop in a new way, there will be the force, able to unite the people of our country and Central Asia.

 2) The cities centers of a new technological cluster Turkestan and Kentau, a transport and logistic cluster, cluster of spi-rituality, clusters of an "Aul" (village) and tourism will give an impulse to innovative development of the country.

 3) In the region the city the Spiritual capital in east style will grow. In this new small town each state, each ethnos will see reflection of the civilization, the culture, development history, customs and traditions. New Turkestan will make changes to spiritual consciousness of people.

 4) Rich power of the territory of Turkestan is defined by two factors: richness of the earth, the capital and a geo-graphical arrangement in Eurasia. 

 Thanks to it, ending in 2015 of construction of the road the Western China - Sinking down Europe will revive the Great Silk way. Its capacity and efficiency will be much higher at the ex-pense of reduction of time of transportation, than use of ocean, maritime routes. On richness of a subsoil of the earth Kazakhstan takes the 9th place in the world, and in uranium – the first one. Their effective development and use is our great task.

 Especially actual for today is a statement of the English sci-entist and the politician, the outstanding classic of geopolitics Ch. D. Makkinder: 《The country supervising Eurasia – super-vises also the whole world》 (Mackinder, 1919). But, how to draw domination from the seas on a land? Land monitoring much more differs from monitoring of waters and it is heavier, because on a land there live million people. One thought if Genghis Khan in the XI century subdued the half-world a sword and a spear, our Kazakh people the new research which does not have analogs, new knowledge from here follows, can affect world civilization development and give it a new impulse. This research is presented as a scientific discovery (know-how), mak-ing contribution to development of mankind and the international security. It is possible to consider that it is an unexpected find of a brilliant idea, so to speak, is a discovery of a new vector in mankind development. In this research spiritual and techno-logical constructivism of society's consumption that wasn't earlier is for the first time reached.

 In this research the history and spiritual culture of the Turkic and Islamic worlds, a historical way of development, the concept and state programs of Kazakhstan were considered logic of the world historical development. Also on questions that expect us in the course of globalization, in what direction we should devel-op that should become a priority and that should take into con-sideration in 21 century, we tried to give the answers given rea-son from the scientific point of view.




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